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Scan invoices and receipts directly into your accounting software.

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Put your invoice and receipt scanning on autopilot so that you can focus on running your business.

I was wasting hours each month doing data entry. Now Scan2Invoice does the heavy lifting.

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How much time do you spend scanning paper invoices?

Watch the video below to see how Scan2Invoice streamlines the process of scanning invoices and receipts. Scan2Invoice creates pdf files, extracts key accounting data and uploads the invoice document to your cloud accounting software. Scan2Invoice is the scan button for your cloud accounting software. Simply scan, extract data and upload your invoice in one go. Download and start your 30-day free trial now!

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Scan2Invoice will automate your invoice scanning and data entry. By using our Scan2Invoice invoice scanning software you will have more time to focus on your business. Don't believe it? Just try it for yourself with our 30-day free trial. No credit card required. Get started now by pressing the download button below.


Convert paper invoices into accounting data in 3 simple steps


Press the scan button in Scan2Invoice. The program will scan your invoice, convert the scanned image into a pdf file and display the new file.

Extract data

Automatically extract and review key invoice data. It’s quick and easy because the data fields are located right next to the pdf viewer.


Press the send button. Scan2Invoice will create an invoice with the data you entered and upload the scanned document into your cloud accounting software.

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QuickBooks Online Invoice Scanning

Intuit QuickBooks Online is an easy-to-use, feature-rich online version of America’s most popular accounting software for small businesses. It helps small businesses save time organizing their financial data in one place – anytime, anywhere – with no accounting knowledge necessary. Users can access their data on any internet-connected computer via popular web browsers. Scan2Invoice is an invoice scanning software that lets you scan invoices directly into QuickBooks Online.

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Xero Invoice Scanning

Xero is easy to use online accounting software that’s designed specifically for small businesses. Xero is now one of the fastest growing Software as a Service companies globally. Xero leads the New Zealand, Australian, and United Kingdom cloud accounting markets, employing a world-class team of more than 1,400 people in 20 offices worldwide. Their beautiful cloud-based accounting software connects people with the right numbers anytime, anywhere, on any device. Scan2Invoice is an add-on which lets you scan invoices directly into Xero.

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Sage Accounting Invoice Scanning

Sage Accounting (formerly Sage One) is an online accounting software that gives you anytime, anywhere access to the most important small business essentials. It has features that help you manage your cashflow and send and track invoices all through the cloud or on the mobile app. See why successful business owners choose Sage | Accounting. Scan2Invoice is an add-on which lets you scan invoices into Sage Accounting.

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MYOB Invoice Scanning

MYOB Business is an online accounting software that lets you focus on your business. Get good busy with a single system that automates everyday tasks, gives you great insights and makes compliance easy. Why MYOB? Because you didn’t start a business to do the books. MYOB is not here to tell you what success should be. Maybe you want a day off every week, or more time to go surfing. Maybe you want a worldwide empire.
Scan2Invoice is an add-on which lets you scan invoices into MYOB.

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Scan2Invoice is the scan button for your cloud accounting software.

Convert invoices and receipts into accounting data in 3 simple steps

1. Scan
2. Extract Data
3. Export

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See Scan2Invoice in action

Scan2Invoice is an easy to use scanning software that connects directly with your cloud accounting package.

- Scan invoices and receipts
- Import pdf invoices from your hard drive.
- Extract key accounting data
- Export scanned files to accounting software

Give Scan2Invoice a go for free. Download and start your 30-day free trial now!

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